Day 4 – Intense Racing and Fluctuating Competition at Dubai Offshore Sailing Club

The Dubai Duty Free SB20 World Championships witnessed a thrilling day of racing with three completed races. Today’s weather mirrored typical conditions, providing an ideal day for sailing. The first race started at 2:15 PM, and unlike previous days, the wind was stable and consistent, ranging from 6 to 9 knots.

Despite the calmer conditions seen at the start of the championship, today’s racing remained challenging. Sailors contended with varying wind strengths and directions, adding complexity to the races.

Fynley Britton, one of the youngest sailors in the competition from the DDF Youth Team 1, expressed his enjoyment of the Championship. He commented, “Being one of the youngest skippers here is very difficult, but I have lots of support from DOSC and Dubai Duty Free. So it is still very scary, and it is a very big adventure when you’re against people a lot older than you.”

UAE-based FDC Team achieved lead in the categories of Top Speed and Fastest 500M. Another UAE-based team – Switchy and France-based French Kiss attained second positions in the categories of Top Speed and Fastest 500M, respectively.

There were no changes at the top of the leaderboard. The UAE team Kidzink once again emerged victorious, retaining their first position for another day, with Desert Eagle only 12 points behind the leaders. Rental Car also retained their third position at the end of day four.

The Race Village offers a variety of family-friendly activities such as interactive games, pleasant F&B, and live entertainment. This vibrant atmosphere enhances the Dubai Duty Free SB20 World Championships experience, which is open to both guests and participants who have been enjoying it so far.

For further updates and announcements, please stay tuned to the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club’s official channels and website.

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Photo credits – Mike Brignall

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