First woman to become the SB20 World Champion – amazing victory of Team Kidzink in Dubai

The Dubai Duty Free SB20 Triple Sailing Championships came to an end after the grand finale of the 2024 SB20 World Championships with Team Kidzink winning the final title.  After 13 races and a closely fought battle for the podium, the UAE-based teams Desert Eagle and Superbella achieved the second and third places overall respectively. Superbella attained the position after overtaking Rental Car which has been in third place overall for the previous two days.

The fifth and the final day of the SB20 World Championships saw the first race starting at 2:15 PM, and the wind was stable and consistent, ranging from 6 to 9 knots. Off to a turbulent start, the weather stabled out with typical conditions providing an ideal day for sailing.

Charlotte Borghesi, skipper of Team Kidzink, expressing her joy said, “It is still a bit amazingly surreal right now. We left it to the very last minute to make it stressful. You just see the tip of the iceberg, but we have been together as a team for two months training, working on the boat, on each other. We went out, we didn’t aim to win any race, we just wanted to do our best, in every race and we did that. We never won a race! It just shows you, you never have to go out thinking to win.“

On the conclusion of the Championships, Dubai Duty Free Chief Operating Officer Ramesh Cidambi said, “I think it is absolutely fantastic that we had a great diversity in terms of nationalities. We had sailors coming from 11 different countries and to cap it all to have a finish with Kidzink skippered by Charlotte Borghesi and a women’s team and with Emirate sailors. We are pleased to conclude another successful collaboration with Dubai Offshore Sailing Club.“

Race Director Alan Ruigrok said, “It’s been an absolute honour to host the SB20 world championships. Thank you to all participants, sponsors, and support staff who made this event possible. We’ve had a fantastic week here in Dubai. Showcasing the amazing sailors across the world, and their impeccable talent and dedication to team work, qualities that make our sport so admirable. Look forward to hosting more amazing events at the Dubai offshore sailing club.“

We also congratulate the winners in other categories:
Top Junior team – Angry bird (KSA) of Victor Mosanya (37th overall)
Top Masters team – Glasgow Kiss (SGP) of Nilz Ramilovich (11th overall)
Top female team – Kidzink (UAE)
Top three Youth Teams:
  1. Jeunes FFVoile 1 (FRA) of Ian Garreta (5th overall)
  2.  Ivana & Alex (BUL) of Lyuben Tenekedzhiev (9th overall)
  3. Jeunes FFVoile 2 (FRA) of Paul Loiseau (10th overall)
Top three Corinthian teams:
  1. Jeunes FFVoile 1 (FRA) of Ian Garreta
  2. Ivana & Alex (BUL) of Lyuben Tenekedzhiev
  3. Glasgow Kiss (SGP) of Nilz Ramilovich
SB20 Nations Cup stays in Dubai with the smashing victory of the Emirati teams.
Next international SB20 event will happen in Malta at the Royal Malta Yacht Club on the 29th September to the 4th October 2024. Next  SB20 World Championships will travel to Singapore in February 2025!

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Photo credits – Mike Brignall

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